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DSTAR at Dayton 2024!

We are headed back to Dayton this year. We've got number of events starting with 

  • D-STAR Meet and Greet Thursday evening
  • Friday morning there's the DSTAR 101 class
  • Friday evening the DSTAR Gathering at the Drury


Make sure to hit the link below for more info.

Looking Forward to see everyone again.


For more information, check out the DSTARInfoCon page


Experimenting on D-STAR

There's a lot of opportunity for experimentation with D-STAR. We want to encourage people to expand and create new things in Amateur Radio.

BUT, we please ask that you do not do any experimentation or linking to the busy reflectors, especially REF001 and REF030. There have been numerous instances of people intentionally and unintentionally setting up hotspots that cause these reflectors to be linked to other reflectors. This practice is NOT DESIRED for the busy reflectors. This practice has also caused a number of loops that have made the reflectors to be unavailable to all.




Repeater Downloads

Includes FM repeaters for US D-STAR Repeater Downloads

Repeater owners or administrator may update their information
at www.DSTARInfo.com/update.

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