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Dayton 2016

What a great event! There were 3 days of great weather, yes, it did rain, but that was Friday evening, barely impacting the flea market.

We had great attendance at the D-STAR Infocon class (to be posted online soon), the D-STAR forum at the Hamvention, and the Friday evening gathering. And there were a lot of folks, new and old faces, that dropped by the booth.

There were a lot of new things shown, showing the continued development and support behind D-STAR.

  • Kenwood introduced their new radio. While under glass, it does turn on and is operational. It looks to be a feature packed radio that may make it into stockings near the end of the year.
  • NW Digital started delivering their UDRC Raspberry Pi Hat for adding D-STAR to other manufacturers repeater systems, spreading D-STAR even further.
  • Wireless Holdings introduced their new their new radios, the DV4home and DV4mobile. Two new concept radios that even include LTE support. They also may make some great stocking stuffers later this year.
  • And not to be upstaged, the DV MEGA folks showed off the new BlueSpot, along with the MMDVM team sowing the mmdvm multi-mode digital voice modem.

 And then to just rub it in, for those who missed the Dayton Hamvention, MTC had the ID-51 Anniversary edition for $299!



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