Configuring the Controller

There's basically three things that you have to configure.

Setting Radio Frequencies

In each of the radio modules you will need to set the frequency of the transmitters and receivers. This is done by connecting a USB cable to the front of each radio module in the "Service T" and "Service R" jacks and programming the frequency using the software supplied with each modules.

As you plug into each jack, a new USB device will get installed on your computer. This isn't bad, but what is painful is that a new Com Port is generated for each module. So, far a full stack of programming just the radios, an additional 7 Com Ports will be used on your computer. Do yourself a favor and always use the same laptop when changing frequencies !

Of course don't forget that you are setting the frequencies in the repeater and not on the radio. so the transmit and receive frequencies will be opposite of what you plug into normal radios.

Setting Controller Modules

To connect to the controller, you will need to connect your computer to the 10 BASE-T connection on the controller and set your computer for an address such as When you start the controller software you will see the following window.

You will need to set the information in the "Local RPT" window to what is appropriate for your site. Specifically, this window controls what the controller thinks is plugged into the four control ports on the controllers rear. Commonly, We will be using D:V:V:V configuration.

The settings for the Local Server and Gateway are correct for a site that does not have a gateway. For sites that have a gateway computer, the "Use Local Server" should be disabled and "Use Gateway" enabled. Do not change the IP Address or the listed port. Do not change the information in the "Communication Settings" box. Disable all options in the "Assist" box


Setting Controller Callsign

Set your callsign in the "Callsign" field. It should be 6 character or less and have no trailing spaces or characters. Leave the Repeater ID at 1.

When finished, hit the Write button. to validate the information, hit the Read botton