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Downloads for Icom Programming Software

Laughing Repeater List Downloads for DR Mode Radios

Laughing Memory Downloads for Non-DR Mode Radios

Laughing Memories Downloads near a location

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Step by Step Instructions for Importing Files into the Icom Software


Why all of the options?

Options are good, aren’t they? Not always, but what we’ve tried to do is to give you the ability to load your radio with the options that you want and need.

They all give you a file that you can use to import into your radio’s software. Not all of the Icom radio programming packages support importing, only the radios introduced after the IC80/ID880. The ID-2820 does not support importing (but does support exporting).

So the steps are very simple. Load the radio’s configuration into the radio's software, import the files from DSTARInfo and then write the configuration back to the radio. No programming, didn’t need to know RPT1, just plug and play!

So, why all the options?  Over the years, people have come up with different ideas on how to setup your radio. And new features have also changed how people setup their radio. So, each of the different methods arrange the memories slightly differently. You may use one file or a combination of files to get your radio setup as you desire.

Repeater List Downloads for DR Mode Radios - Radios that were introduced since 2010 have the ability to use DR Mode. In DR Mode, you just choose the repeater that you want to use and the radio programs itself. Most of the radios also have the ability to find the nearest repeater as well!

Memory Downloads for a DVAP – With a DVAP, you have to have your radio programmed to issue the link commands. You also will need to be able to unlink and maybe use the Echo Test or check the DVAP status. And, of course, you’ll want your radio’s frequency to match that of the DVAP.  So, the DVAP Memories sections allows just that, enter your frequency, select a number of your favorite reflectors, and out comes a file suitable for loading into a memory bank.

Memory Downloads near a location – When you are on your local repeaters, you probably want to have a variety of functions available for your nearby repeaters. Like the DVAP software, you probably want to be able to link to your favorite reflectors, as well as unlink and the other administrative functions. Enter in your location, and the DSTARInfo software will create a file for your location with your nearby repeaters all included, each with the I, E, S, U, and link commands to your favorite reflectors.

Memory Downloads for Non-DR Mode Radios – This sections is pretty much everything else. You don’t get all of the commands with each repeater, only the CQCQCQ entry. But you can pick and choose whatever section of the world that you would like to load into your radio. If you want to load all of the repeaters in a specific state or country, you can use the subregion selection. If you want everything in a wider area, the region option works well. And for some selections, the Hemisphere option is the best.

The Downloads section allows you to choose between

  • Memory List
  • Repeater List
  • Your Call List

The Memory List section provides a download for the basic memory operation. This is what most people have used for a long time to store their information in. One memory channel is created for each repeater in the specified area.

The Repeater List has evolved over time, so its use has changed from the IC-91 to the ID-31. In the IC-91, the Repeater List was essentially a shortcut way of programming in the repeaters. It was generally considered a little more advanced in operation and wasn’t used significantly.

In the ID-31 and newer radios, the Repeater List is a marvelous thing. As the radio ships from the factory, the Repeater List is preloaded with a number of repeaters worldwide. For many locations, that means, you can walk into the store, get a new radio, turn the GPS on, wait a few minutes for it to acquire signal, and then it will tell you the closest repeater to you and automatically setup the radio to talk on it! The entire repeater list no longer fits into the radio, which is the main reason why you have the Hemisphere option for downloading. You can download the Eastern or Western Hemisphere Repeater list and update your radio with the latest and greatest listing of repeaters!

The Your Call List is similar to the Repeater List, in that it has changed over the years, and really shines on the ID-31. This allows you to update the Reflector Listing in the radio.


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