D-STAR InfoCon 2014 @ Dayton Hamvention

Presented by DSTARinfo.com
and Georgia D-STAR

Class Presentations

D-STAR Basics
Using D-STAR
Doing more with D-STAR

Forum Presentation


Friday Evening Presentation

History and Competitive Analysis
Hurricane Net

D-STAR's premier training event returns to Dayton Hamvention 2014 with an all new class for those just getting started in D-STAR and those looking to add to their D-STAR experience.  The class will be given by the experienced instructors of the Georgia D-STAR group and DSTARinfo.com who have presented dozens of seminars and training across the country. The three-hour class begins at 8:00am on Friday, May 16, on the first day of the Dayton Hamvention 2014 and will be held at the Drury Inn in the heart of the Hamvention hotels at 6616 Miller Lane.  The cost of the class is only $15.00.

The class will feature will cover topics of interest to beginning D-STAR users including:

  • D-STAR basics

  • D-STAR user registration process

  • Getting started with your D-STAR radio

  • Programming your D-STAR radio

  • Using DR mode for easy D-STAR operation

  • Updating your memories

  • Linking to repeaters and reflectors

More experienced users will enjoy:

  • Using the DV Dongle and DV Access Point (DVAP)

  • Making and using a Hotspot with a Raspberry Pi

  • D-STAR Nets and Reflectors

  • Using D-STAR data capabilities including D-RATS

  • Where to find D-STAR Resources

Demonstration and instruction on the new Icom ID-5100A mobile radio will be included.


Your class fee of $15.00 includes all course materials.  Class size is limited.  You must 
pre-register and pay the class fee to attend using the PayPal instructions below.