Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is D-STAR?
A: D-STAR is a mode used by Amateur Radio Operators Worldwide. The D-STAR protocol was developed by the Japaneese Radio League and utilizes digital radio transmission for voice and data. D-STAR generally operates on VHF and UHF frequencies and allows repeaters to link with each other over the Internet.
Check out the YouTube Video for more information.

Q: What does D-STAR stand for?
A: Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio

Q: What is DV?
A: DV stands for Digital Voice. In Digital Voice mode, D-STAR supports voice as well as slow speed data transmissions.

Q: What is DD
A: DD stands for Digital Data. At this time, only the Icom ID-1 supports the DD mode. DD provides an Ethernet connection between devices at 128 Kbps.

Q: I'm thinking about building a repeater, what do I need to do?
A: Follow the information at Repeater Builder


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*Registration is NOT required to talk on D-STAR repeaters. It is generally only required for the following activities:

  • Source or Callsign Routing
  • Repeater Linking
  • Using the DVDongle

So if you have just bought a new radio, you can still talk without registering. If someone else linked the repeater, you can still talk.