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Coke and Atlanta Radio Club Anniversaries 

Posted by Admin Wednesday, April 27, 2011 3:40:00 PM Categories: D-STAR

On Saturday May 7th the Atlanta Radio Club will be hosting a special event station in downtown Atlanta to celebrate Coke's 125th and ARC's 100th anniversaries. Coke will also be having some entertainment and event downtown.

We will be operating CW and SSB on HF. We will also be operating D-Star via possibly REF030C using W4DOC C or B. We will be calling CQ.

Coke has designed the QSL card for this event. Everyone who sends us a card and SASE will get a card in return regardless of method they used to make contact. If you use D-Star you can still get a card!!!

QSL manager for this event will be K0NWT.

Chris k4fh

DSTARInfoCon 2011 is now in the History Books 

Posted by Admin Saturday, April 23, 2011 11:21:00 PM Categories: D-RATS D-STAR DVAP DVDongle Presentations


About 70 folks made it to the DSTARInfoCon even with it being Easter weekend. And about 70 folks staggered away, full of all sorts of new D-STAR information. From the beginners to the advanced, there were classes to be enjoyed by everyone.

First, I'd like to thank the instructors who did this out of the goodness of their heart.

Bill Cherepy – WB4WTN John Davis – WB4QDX Rob Hoppe – KI4SBT
Chris Fowler – K4FH Ken Adkisson – WB4FAY Robin Cutshaw – AA4RC
David Lake – G4ULF Paul Eakin – KJ4G Scott Hartlage – KF4PWI
Ed Woodrick – WA4YIH Pete Loveall – AE5PL Mark Holmes - KJ4VO

And all of the participants who made the trek. I believe that we had 5 states represented!

3 of our presenters attended without being there. David, Pete, and Mark all were remote presenters, spread across the country and joining us either with D-STAR or Web Meeting.

The following is a list of classes that we had


Getting  Started with D-STAR Low Speed Data/DPRS Repeater Basics
Linking/Callsign Routing High Speed Data/1.2 GHz G2 Gateway/Trust Server
Programming Radios Hotspots Repeater Operation, Maintenance
Programming Radio Practice D-RATS Gateway Utilities & Add-ons
Using D-STAR DV Dongle and DVAP G4ULF Gateway Software


It was a full day of D-STAR. And we even had giveaways from Icom, RT Systems, and HRO.

D-STAR Infrastructure Promotion 

Posted by Admin Thursday, April 21, 2011 8:44:00 AM Categories: D-STAR

D-STAR Infrastructure Promotion


Program Details:
From April 25, 2011 — May 9, 2011, your club can purchase directly from Icom America Inc, either a 2m or 70cm D-STAR repeater for US$3,000 (plus freight and applicable taxes).

Repeater Components in this program for $3,000
RF Module
Gateway Software
ID-RP2000V or ID-RP4000V


Bonus: If you can meet the following requirements within 90-days from the date of purchase, Icom will refund the original purchase price (US$3000).

  • Install in permanent location identified at the time of purchase
  • Fully operational on the USROOT trust server with Icom G2 Gateway Software and within the requirements outlined by the USROOT Administration team
  • Minimum of 10 users registered on the "Gateway"
  • Guarantee system on air for minimum of 1 year from date of installation

This program is limited to the first 70 qualifying clubs located in priority areas listed below or not within an existing D-STAR Repeater (100 Aeronautical Mile Radius). Send a club biography and an outline of how D-STAR will be used in your community to to see if your club qualifies.

Priority areas:

Washington (Eastern) Western Texas Kentucky
Idaho Nevada (North) Illinois (Southern)
Montana North Dakota Indiana (Southern)
Wyoming South Dakota Arkansas
New Mexico Minnesota (Northern) Nebraska
New York (Up State) Wisconsin (Northern) Kansas


This promotion is for U.S. residents only. Applicants cannot be affiliated with employees of Icom, Inc., including any parent, subsidiary or entity affiliated with Icom, Inc. or the distribution channels of Icom products.

For more information about the D-STAR Promotion:

For more information on D-STAR:

For more information on registering on the gateway:
Refer to the document "Joining the Network" on

Georgia/Florida Exercise Features D-STAR 

Posted by John Davis Tuesday, April 5, 2011 9:06:00 AM Categories: D-RATS D-STAR

The three Florida ARRL Sections and Georgia completed a Hurricane Exercise last weekend that utilized D-STAR voice and data capabilities extensively.  D-RATS was used as the primary data communications and messaging mode for much of the traffic between sections.  The North Florida group established a Ratflector in Tallahassee for use by all exercise participants and utilized several private channels for communicartions directed to specific groups.  For voice communications, Reflector 37B was used for Unified Command communications among the leadership of the sections.

Since Georgia would be les affected by a Hurricane simulated in this exercise, it created an opportunity to check participation in a voice net.  Most of the Georgia D-STAR repeaters have a module normally connected to Atlnata-based REF030C.  A voice net was established on D-STAR with a liaison to the Georgia HF net and to relay messages to the other sections via D-RATS. A total of 61 check ins were handled representing 40 counties across the state including several from county EOCs using the new D-STAR radios furnished under a grant from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

All of the Section Managers participating agreed that D-STAR adds some unique and very useful capabilities to Emergency Communicatons.  ARES in Georgia plans to add a D-RATS Net to it's weekly net to gain more experience with all of its features.  D-RATS is a free program written by Dan Smith, KK7DS, and is available at


SYRG are proud to announce D-Star Rapid Response vehicle. 

Posted by Admin Friday, April 1, 2011 8:54:00 AM Categories: D-STAR

South Yorkshire Repeater Group, SYRG are proud to announce their investment of funds in a shiny new custom D-Star Rapid Response vehicle.

The Star Bus is one of a kind customised by the team at fakimakarup workshops based at Carlton Industrial Estate, in Barnsley. Fitted with all the available D-Star equipment and a great big horn and floodlight with Star logos.

To compliment the "Star Bus" each member of the team will be outfitted, by Mr Bens Taylor, with a superhero type Lycra outfit in one of the colours of the rainbow.

SYRG D-Star rapid response team are available to all who can holler "D-Star I need you" and will be there in a flash. That's if you can make the team hear above their roaring turbo charged engine and dixie horns!

See the STAR BUS in all it's glory at