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D-STAR Contest Results Posted 

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 22, 2009 5:06:00 PM

The results have been posted from the D-STAR Contest. Over 200 stations from 10 countries provided entries. NU5D, WW6USA, and HB9VAF posted the highest scores. Download Results from Icom

JARL Ham Fair 2009 

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 22, 2009 5:05:00 PM

This week-end a Special Repeater will be operational as part of the Ham Fair 2008 in Tokyo. This repeater will be linked into the Japan D-Star network and should be very active. /JP1YJJA (439MHz band) and /JP1YJJB (1.2GHz band)will be active 01:00-08:00 UTC 8/23/2008 and 01:00 - 07:30 UTC 8/24/2008

Beta DVDongle Software Published 

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:08:00 PM Categories: D-STAR DVDongle

AA4RC has been hiding for a few weeks programming and his efforts are now being seen. DVTool, the software for the DVDongle has been rewritten to run natively on each supported platform, as opposed to running under Java. This has dramatically increased performance and is allowing the Netbook class of computers to run the software sucessfully. The software is still in beta, so there are a few bugs, but overall it is doing great! Download Here

DSTAR Info Newsletter Published 

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:07:00 PM

The second edition of the DSTAR Info Newsletter was published this weekend. A new feature to the newsletter is the D-STAR centerfold. While it was tempting to have Mark and/or Connie as our centerfold, this quarter we published the US Repeater listing, suitable for hanging on your wall. Download Here

Huntsville HamFest 

Posted by Admin Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:05:00 PM

The Hunstville Hamfest had a gathering of a large number of D-STAR enthusiasts from Mississippi to Florida to South Carolina. Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH and John Davis, WB4QDX had the forum on Saturday with over 80 individuals attending. On Sunday, Ron Shaffer, W4VM helped a number of folks learn how to program their radios in his forum.