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DSTARInfo - Programming Your Radio Now Even Easier 

Posted by Admin Friday, August 12, 2011 12:33:00 PM Categories: D-STAR

Repeater files to directly import into Icom Software.

IC-80, ID-880, IC-92.

Programming your radio is as simple as download, import, send to radio!


For those of you with Icom’s software and IC-80, ID-880, and IC-92, DSTARInfo now provides “Import Files” for your area. By importing the files, your radio memories will be loaded with all of the repeaters in the specified area. Provides basic talking (i.e. module in RPT1 and G in RPT20).

In addition, DSTARInfo has Repeater Lists which are suitable for loading into the software for DR mode or selecting repeaters.

To load the files, download the appropriate file from Open the Icom software for your radio, open a group of memories and the import the file.

If there are existing repeaters in the group of memories that you are importing to, they may be overwritten.

The exact sequence varies slightly depending on the version of software.

These files are great for loading into radios just purchased by your friends or hamfests.

Awesome for loading into your radio before taking a trip!

Why are there multiple files? First, there’s now too many D-STAR repeaters to fit in any radio, over 1600 different modules around the world. But how often do you talk on each repeater? We have them segregated by regions. And since some of the Icom software limits us to importing 100 memory locations, larger regions are even further split. If your region has two or more files, just load one into a memory group, switch to the next memory group and add the next.


The files are simple CSV files that may be opened and edited in a variety of programs, including Excel. Feel free to edit the files before importing. The import files show the “Name” as just the call sign of the repeater, you can change them to match your naming conventions.

All US files currently available. Other portions of the world coming shortly.

Files are updated nightly