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Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group Launches a D-RATS Reflector 

Posted by Admin Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:44:00 PM Categories: D-RATS D-STAR

Lorain County Ohio – The Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group is pleased to announce the launch of a D-RATS reflector for use by the D-STAR community.

D-RATS is a multi-platform tool for use with D-STAR. Its primary focus in development was to aid first responders, ARES & RACES, in Washington County Oregon. It has evolved into a global Ecomm software suite for data communications. It supports such things as instant messaging, Email, HICS 260, ICS 213 and Radiograms with canned templates. It also allows for easy file sharing, asset tracking and “Real Time” map overlays.

As with all NODIG assets it will be open for general use by all amateurs. It may also be used by ARES groups, EMA offices, Skywarn programs, Red Cross offices and hamfest activities at will.

The reflector may be accessed by making your host address in D-RATS . D-RATS software may be obtained by going to Instructions will be posted at to help you along if necessary.

Contact: Jeff Evans / KB8ZUN