D-STAR Decoder Software

Posted by Admin Sunday, June 1, 2008 4:55:00 PM

Just uploaded new version of D-Star decoder to files section.

  • - Added various output modules (dongle,dvtool,UDP,files,logging) that can be combined, so you can listen to calls and stream it over internet and log it to disk.
  • - Added differential demodulator that can decode output even from badly filtered receivers. Use it only only when you have problems with default one.
  • - Added tool dvplayer.exe for playing .dvtool files. Simple and fast, no need to run dvtool.
  • - Changed version from v0.2a to 0.3

As always, !!READ README.TXT!! before posting to group for help. I added examples, so it should be clear how to use it. (Jakub Hruska )

You can find the software at the D-STAR Decoder Software Yahoo Group