Free 70cm D-STAR Repeater and Controller!

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From January 9, 2012 to February 9, 2012, qualifying clubs are required to place a US$3,0000* deposit on a 70cm D-STAR repeater with Icom America Inc. (*plus freight and applicable taxes)

Repeater Components in this program for $3,000
RF Module
Gateway Software


Bonus: If you can meet the following requirements within 90-days from the date of purchase, Icom will refund the US$3,0000* deposit. (*plus freight and applicable taxes)

  • Install in permanent location identified at the time of purchase
  • Fully operational on the USROOT trust server with Icom G2 Gateway Software and within the requirements outlined by the USROOT Administration team
  • Minimum of 10 users registered on the "Gateway"
  • Guarantee system on air for minimum of 1 year from date of installation

This program is limited to clubs located in priority areas listed below or not within an existing D-STAR Repeater (100 Aeronautical Mile Radius). Send a club biography and an outline of how D-STAR will be used in your community to to see if your club qualifies.

Priority areas:

Washington (Eastern)
New Mexico
Western Texas
Nevada (North)
North Dakota
South Dakota
Minnesota (Northern)