ID-31A/E Repeater List Update

Thursday, December 29, 2011 5:26:00 PM Categories: ID-31A/E

From the factory, the ID-31A/E comes with preloaded information about D-STAR repeaters worldwide. But since D-STAR 430/440 MHz repeaters are being added at an average of about 6 per month, that information is already out of date.  provides you with an up to date listing of repeaters for your radio's Repeater List. It's very easy to load into your radio.

  • First, download the updated file from ID-31A/D Repeater List . By right clicking the link and Save Target As... to your local disk.
  • Open the CS-31 software from Icom and Clone, Read <- TR to load the configuration from the radio to the Icom Software.
  • In the left window, expand Digital, then select Repeater List.
  • Once Repeater List is selected, Click File - Import - All... and select the file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Expand Repeater List and verify that the new information has been loaded.
  • From the Menu choose Clone, Write -> TR to save the information back to the radio.

This file is updated daily.


This file is a new product of and as such, there still may be some issues with it. Please drop us a note ( with any issues that you might have or comments.

As you might notice, as of this writing, there's only space for 4 more repeaters in the file. We're working to split the file into pieces to make it fit into the radio.

Look for more directory products for the ID-31A/E from in the near future!



Friday, January 6, 2012 1:15:32 PM
Bill Jourdain AB4BJ

re: ID-31A/E Repeater List Update

I downloaded the updated repeater file but it appears all of the repeaters for TN have been eliminated.  They were previously stored in the USA Midwest file but are no longer there and also not included in the USA Souteast file.  Is this a glitch in the download?

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