Japan Connecting to World

Posted by Admin Sunday, July 20, 2008 5:01:00 PM

The Japan D-STAR repeaters are now connecting to the US Trust Server. This will allow for permanent communications between Japan and the remainder of the world. First reported by VK4TUX and confirmed by JK1ZRW, the Japan Repeaters are now online. A list of connected repeaters is available at http://d-star.dyndns.org/misc/Japan_repeater.pdf
None of the advanced repeater linking or one-touch capabilities are currently available in this configuration. Contacts must be made with the /JP1YIUA type of call in the UR field. You MUST also announce what repeater and module that you are on, as One-Touch is not working. If you hear a Japan station, you will NOT be able to perform a One-Touch reply. You will have to enter the repeater and module callsign as above.
Remember that Tokyo is at UTC +9, so, for the US, they sleep when we are awake. Contacts made from US are best done in early morning to correspond to their late evening.