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Icom Inc. is organizing a weekend long D-STAR QSO Party for 2011 to be held between 0:00 on the 11th of November to 24:00 on the 13th of November (UTC).

This event differs from previous D-STAR contests that have taken place over the last few years. Instead of competing for numbers of contacted call signs, the goal this year is to encourage D-STAR operators to communicate through as many D-STAR repeaters and with other D-STAR operators across the globe. The more countries a user contacts during the time period, the more entries in the prize pool they will have. Icom Inc. has a total of fifteen of the forthcoming ID-31E D-STAR UHF handheld transceivers available as prizes for this event.

Participation in the contest is via DV mode. All operators who submit an approved log will be eligible for the draw and 15 (fifteen) winners will be randomly selected to each win a prize. To qualify for the draw:

  • You need make a contact through at least one repeater in your own country.
  • Contact D-STAR users in 5 foreign countries and you will double your chances to win a prize.
  • Contact D-STAR users in 10 foreign countries and you will triple your chances to win a prize.
  • Contact D-STAR users in more than 20 foreign countries and you will quadruple your chances to win a prize.

More detailed information will be available on the following website from the 10th October 2011: Icom Inc. D-STAR Party Microsite.

Go on, take part and join the worldwide D-STAR QSO party in November!

For more details about D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) visit the Icom UK D-STAR microsite.

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