The Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group Expands its D-STAR Services to include The American Red Cross.

Posted by Admin Saturday, January 21, 2012 4:58:00 PM Categories: D-STAR

NODIG has again enhanced its digital infrastructure of D-STAR based amateur radio services by adding a dedicated reflector port for the American Red Cross. Reflector 39 Delta has been designated for state wide American Red Cross operations in Ohio and may also serve surrounding states as needed. This enhancement rounds out the emergency communications offering of NODIG to the amateur radio operators of Ohio and the agencies they serve.

As with NODIG’s reflector ports designated for ARES, EMA and Skywarn, NODIG does not manage operations for these groups but provides local, state, regional and national linking capabilities. This offers a more spectral efficient venue for Ecomms than that of traditional analog repeaters. These groups also have the ability to pass data, text messaging and manage asset location through DPRS with the system.

NODIGS’s assets and linking partners reach much of the state’s population concentrations with D-STAR equipment in 35% of Ohio’s 88 counties. Many of these locations having had installed D-STAR capable equipment in hospitals and government offices. This reflects a RF footprint of roughly half the state’s counties.

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