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ID-31 Updated 

Saturday, February 18, 2012 6:42:00 PM Categories: ID-31A/E

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Version Release E1(CPU 1.02, DSP 1.03)
Update 2012/02/17

Major  function improvements-

  1. TX Audio quality on the DV mode.
  2. Improved readability on  receiving weak RF signal in DV mode.
  3. Canadian version is added.
  • Optional OPC-2218LU data cable is       required.
  • The firmware update is NOT       available through a microSD card.
  • This firmware update is for both       CPU and DSP.           Make sure the version numbers of firmware before updating the firmware.
  • Please read "Firmware update information" (760KB) thoroughly and make sure of what is required for the firmware update.
  • Never turn off the transceiver       power or disconnect the data cable while the updating is being performed.
  • Save the setting data, memory data       and repeater list of your transceiver to a microSD card or to the PC with the       CS-31 cloning software before performing the firmware update.
  •         Fully charge the battery before updating firmware in  order to avoid power failure during update work.
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File Size 1.32MB
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